Worthi by Citi

More Skills, More Opportunities

The Worthi Challenge

Citi Ventures (Citibank’s innovation lab) came to Carbon Five for help building one of their new product concepts: Worthi, a digital learning platform that matches learners who are trying to re-train or skill-up with online learning opportunities.

The Process

Working with the Citi Ventures team, our developers rapidly built and tested the product in Node and Angular, the preferred tech stack inside Citibank. They also had to quickly de-risk that external data sources — like Burning Glass — were fit for purpose.

The Results

After giving product development the early boost, our team smoothly transitioned the product to Citi Ventures’ growing internal team. Worthi is now launched and helping upskill people across the United States.

“Great team and super friendly people”
Dhiraj Sharda
Head of Product, Citi Ventures Studio, Citibank