Stitch Fix

Personal style delivered to your door

The Stitch Fix Challenge

As Stitch Fix grew, new data challenges arose, such as refining and deploying its customer surveys minus the eternal rewrites.

In order to make smarter predictions, Stitch Fix needed to be able to update, capture, and store data in a way that supports the evolution of data knowledge and integration across its devices, services, and products.

The Process

In side-by-side collaboration, our teams determined where to carve off microservices and developed tests for creative data capture and storage. Next, we worked with Stitch Fix to architect and implement a flexible data system in Ruby on Rails that supports dynamic data requests, multi-channel deployment, and behavioral science insights.

Stitch Fix’s open and welcoming culture facilitated a seamless integration of our engineers with internal teams. We participated in dailies, iteration planning meeting (IPMs), pull requests (PR) reviews, and conversations about conventions to follow. As we added velocity, we were also helping ramp up new hires and internal resources transitioning to forefront initiatives.

And, we were updating the Rails stack and APIs concurrent with a big, new product line release and overall site redesign – all while keeping the platform online and intelligence loops unblocked, which is no easy task given Stitch Fix’s enormous popularity.

The Results

The new architecture augments Stitch Fix’s powerful analytics platform and further positions the startup as a leader in individualized styling. It’s the result of yet another mission in the trenches with the ambitious, kindred-spirit team for which we’ve been honored to be a longtime partner.