Scoot & Doodle

Smarter collaboration for teachers and students

The Scoot & Doodle Challenge

Develop a highly interactive, industry-changing app

Scoot & Doodle wanted to create a dynamic suite of digital tools that would connect remote family members in an engaging way. They hired Carbon Five to develop the product MVP, which would include real-time collaboration, drawing and video chat. They also needed help with planning, prioritizing and expanding product ideas.

The Process

Finding the right audience and key features

The team prioritized the development of a core set of features and defined the demographic for the initial product, Scoodle Jam. After a few rounds of meetings and user testing, narrowing the audience to teachers and students proved to be the right direction.

Choosing the right delivery platform also came into play. After examining the benefits of existing Hangouts infrastructure, the team settled on a native iOS application.

Carbon Five also worked with the Scoot & Doodle team to learn best practices for technology and process. Daily product team sessions, weekly planning sessions and reflection meetings were key to sharing and resolving challenges.

The Results

Climbing to the top of the list

After the first app went live, Apple featured Scoot & Doodle in three categories of the best iPad Edu apps list. eSchoolnews also featured the app as the best of the week.

Students in the company’s East Los Angeles pilot program petitioned their principal to bring Scoodle Jam to the classroom for the new school year.

Most importantly, Scoot & Doodle created a product that excites users and can be used by classrooms around the country. The team continues to work with Carbon Five to build upon the original idea and to develop new products.

“Beyond their significant talents, they are also very nice people, which has made working with them daily a joy.”
Christine Egy Rose
CEO, Scoot & Doodle