Naza Beauty

Expert Stylists, Elevated Design

The Naza Beauty Challenge

Create a product and platform that supports the professionalization & elevation of hair services for women of color using best practices for digital product design and development while limiting scope and cost.

The Process

Naza’s founder, Natanya Montgomery, moved into our offices with a Carbon Five team of product, design, and development. Over the course of 10 weeks, they worked on crafting and testing a unique customer-facing booking flow that accurately addresses the complexity within the style selection/preferences for women with afro-textured hair.

The Results

The intense focus of the team resulted in an impressive collection of valuable features; including sign up, scheduling, booking, payments, SMS notifications and more. Naza Beauty has a production ready platform for the launch of their physical salon in San Francisco.

“Delightful team that helped me craft an entire product vision from a tiny nugget of an idea. Can't recommend highly enough!”
Natanya Montgomery
Founder & CEO, Naza Beauty