Bringing real estate into the 21st century

The myTheo Challenge

Create an indespensable iPad app for real estate agents

The team at Theo wanted to create a mobile application that would help agents and their clients handle modern real estate transactions. This meant that that the app needed to do everything from handling loan applications to providing documents for a home inspection. While Theo already had an app that offered some of those features, the team wanted Carbon Five to redesign the front end and improve the security and stability of the backend to make it more scalable.

The Process

Upgrading an app to make it fast, stable and secure

Almost immediately the team discovered that the scope for the redesign of the MyTheo app was too vast. They decided to scale the project back and focus more clearly on upgrading the iPad app from iOS 5 to iOS 7, while redesigning it to make it more fast, stable and secure.

MyTheo moved into the Carbon Five offices to start the project. Being so present and close to everyone on the team allowed questions and roadblocks to become instantly solvable. The visual design became a focus of the project. Using Balsamic, Illustrator and Photoshop, the lead designer built out screens and design elements. What started as an exercise in product development soon grew into an initial version of the app flows.

The Results

Positive feedback from the real estate community

MyTheo launched successfully and is currently being used by select real estate agents throughout California. A second version of the app launched shortly thereafter that included additional features from the original scope.

“Carbon Five does not come to an engagement with a private agenda. The team is highly ethical, committed to quality and not interested in shortcuts.”
Gil Fleitas
CEO, Theo