Good Eggs

Building on a legacy foundation to create a swifter app

The Good Eggs Challenge

Good Eggs’ platform was pushing three seconds to render on the front-end and was falling short with customers. The team knew they needed to address site-wide performance issues in order to meet their business objectives.

The Process

Our engineers worked with the Good Eggs tech team to perform a host of back-end optimizations. The team only had a few months before the big Thanksgiving deadline, by far the most important day for gourmet goods in the United States.

We made numerous upgrades to the Good Eggs platform, but the new caching strategies were our biggest win, bringing latency down to delightful levels. Regarding design, Good Eggs had a lot of different components in the system and it was starting to weigh on development. We helped the team establish and refine better front-end guidelines to keep markup and styles under control.

The Results

By the time our engagement ended, Good Eggs’ site was easier to browse, search, and shop — all in time for the holidays. In fact, Good Eggs’ revenue doubled that quarter over the prior year.