Crowd-sourced reports for fertility doctors

The FertilityIQ Challenge

When people want help with fertility, they spend countless hours researching and visiting multiple clinics and doctors, sometimes in different states. Finding the right fertility doctor is an incredibly personal choice and current online resources aren't trustworthy. With FertilityIQ, co-founders Deborah and Jake Anderson-Bialis set out to provide a trusted resource, powered by a community of concerned patients.

Starting a social research and recommendation platform from scratch is no easy task. The FertilityIQ team had tons of domain expertise, passion and product vision but needed help with design and development. Together, we collaboratively designed, built and shipped the platform in just over 3 months.

The Process

Starting day one, Deborah and Jake co-located in our San Francisco offices and worked tirelessly with a small team of Carbon Five designers and developers to iteratively define and develop their product vision. From the first experience mapping exercise to the animation tweaks, they steered the ship by carefully prioritizing the work and keeping laser focus on their big goals.

On the technical side, the team bootstrapped the project with Raygun and adhered to reliable patterns and best practices as the product adapted to both market and customer insights. This emergent technical architecture can be seen at every tier: the beautiful charts were initially developed using C3, then rewritten as SVGs to take advantage of browser cacheing for snappier client-side performance.

The Results

FertilityIQ launched its public beta in 5 US cities with thousands of doctors and dozens of clinics. With accolades from Fast Company, Fortune, and Inc (among others), their team continues to grow its repository of accurate, jargon-free doctor and clinic info and evaluations. We're excited to watch and support as Deborah and Jake continue sharing their passion, vision and mission with the world.

“High quality talent, nobody is burned out, crisp communication, clear accountability.”
Jake Anderson-Bialis
Co-Founder, FertilityIQ