A consumer healthcare app combines smart user flows and modern design to shorten the time and cost of autism assessment

The Cognoa Challenge

Design simple and engaging user flows

CEO Brent Vaughn hired Carbon Five to build Cognoa’s beta app and marketing website. Vaughan considers himself a “repeat offender,” having successfully worked with the team on his previous company’s MVP. For Cognoa, he felt Carbon Five’s lean/agile process and integrated approach ensured he would he meet his aggressive deadline of three months.

Early studies had validated Cognoa’s technology but couldn’t answer a more pressing question. If people typically receive assessments from doctors, is it possible to design mobile user flows that would engender trust and keep parents engaged through a questionnaire and video upload process?

The Process

Test, validate, and test some more

The team soon determined that user flows needed to be elegant and straightforward, making design and development considerations equally important. This also meant engaging in extensive user testing to fully understand the unexpected needs of the initial set of parents. Scrutinizing medical language and finding ways to make it more accessible also became a key focus. Running spikes to validate video bandwidth requirements also proved to be a challenge.

The Results

Taking innovation to market

Within 3 months the beta app and marketing website launched to rave reviews, citing the design as an innovative approach for the medical sector. Early response indicated that the app is well on its way to becoming a primary resource for concerned parents across the country.

“What you get with Carbon Five is a team who truly believes in and will stick to Lean/Agile development. You’re not going to build something and have to come back and change it right away.”
Brent Vaughan
CEO, Cognoa