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The Contemporary Jewish Museum Challenge

Like a lot of arts organizations, the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM) had an aging website that wasn't at all optimized for mobile, the information architecture wasn’t as clear as it could be, and the visual language needed a refresh. But perhaps most importantly: the museum wanted a website that reflected the dynamic energy of the museum itself.

The Process

The developers began first with a survey of the latest off-the-shelf content management systems and eventually settled on a Rails application with a mix of open source and custom code. As this modular platform was being created, the design team worked with stakeholders to restructure the content. The blended team then worked closely together to create a mobile-first design system that embodies a fresh, sophisticated visual language. Finally, the incredible CJM web team painstakingly populated the new site with the now-reorganized content.

The Results

The new site is the result of an artful blend of a fantastic team and a phoenomenal organization. And, while it isn’t necessarily obvious, the content management system is just as elegant under the hood. We are proud to be a partner and friend of the museum and are looking forward to future collaborations.

“The most fun I’ve ever had working on a website.”
Linda Butler
Director of Marketing & Communications, Contemporary Jewish Museum