Candor Coach

Ridding the world of bad bosses

The Candor Coach Challenge

Kim Scott & Russ Laraway, along with the rest of their talented Candor team, needed help accelerating the design and development of their nascent management training platform. As an added challenge Kim's book, Radical Candor, was set to come out in a matter of weeks. They needed a team that could hit the ground running and guarantee the delivery of the best possible product under a tight deadline.

The Process

Despite having a break-out viral video and a book on the way, the Candor team was very open to experimentation. They wanted to build the right product, and not just build it right. Our blended team ran multiple product design sprints and then built and tested a handful of high-fidelity prototypes. Finally, the team doubled-down and built two major iterations of the Candor Coach concept in React Native on top of Node.js backend.

The Results

Trusting our agile product development process, the team launched the app on time in the iTunes store to five-star ratings. The book is a New York Times Bestseller and number one in Amazon's Management Science category, and the Android port is on its way. But maybe even more valuable than the successful product launch: the combined Candor/Carbon Five team delivered a masterclass on the art and science of collaborative product development.